what direction do I need to go?

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Title is somewhat self-explanatory...I've gotten to almost 2mil and have some stored resources and Im going for GL Palp. I need to finish a few teams first. Thoughts? Thank you in advance.


  •'ve already stated your direction. You're going for SEE. If you're not focused on a direction you may lose your way a bit.

    A few points I can make.

    1. The big advantage of going for SEE is that you can build a great Imperial Trooper team. It seems you've been working on other characters before them. Imperial Troopers is a great team.

    2. If you worked for Revan, you'll need those characters for Malak. So............often the JKR, DR, Malak route is popular.

    3. It's good to get your core teams to gear 12 before moving on. Your core teams being JKR, Geos and CLS. I also notice a 7 star Padme lurking in your roster too!

    4. As you've focused highly on Palp, Vader and Thrawn you want to get your Mara Jade better. She works great at 3 stars and meh gear level. She'll really bring that team up a level.
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