I faced KOAX117 in GAC [hacker]

Unfortunately I found a hacker in the Grand Arena. It is very frustrating to lose a battle when the opponent is cheating. I reported what happened, but the damage has already happened. This is undermining the game. Take a look at his history in other GACs: https://swgoh.gg/p/964565445/gac-history/


  • Looks pretty clear cut to me.
  • I faced him earlier this year and reported him. Doesn't seem like CG is going to do anything about it. What a shame that such an important game mode doesn't seem to get the proper attention and priority placed on keeping it clean and cheater free.
  • I've seen so many posts like this. It seems that CG doesn't care at all.

    But there is such a simple solution: Give him ban from entering GAC for 3 months. If he does it again - suspend the account permanently.
  • Well this isn't how you report cheaters, so................if this is all OPs do, then they probably ain't gonna get banned.

    That said I'm not sure anybody has any faith in the system.
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