Please give thoughts on my main squad.

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Phasma(leader) 15% damage reduction- Sid - Dooku - Lumi and JC (4* with lvl 8 5/6ths gear)

This has been a monster for me. It's well rounded with healers and Lumi and JC are no slouches when it comes to dropping some damage. This is coming from a guy who has spent $10. I know there are better combos if you got the cash, but this is a poor mans quick smack down squad.

Please let me know what you think

Also have these notables on the bench.
3* Asoka
3* IG 88
2* res pilot
4* chewie
4* tiala
3* jawa
1* geo soldier
1* IG86
2* IG 100

Pros, help me out.



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    Pretty solid for not spending anything, I'd replace jc with ig88 if you can get the shards. If not that team is solid for any level of arena fighting. Just level up an gear up along with starring to 7.
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    Nice squad - pretty much like mine, but i benched Phasma out and put Ima Gun - Di instead , and cuz i don't have the old count i put DM. This is pretty much the optimal F2P squad atm. Perhaps you should think of getting you leading stars stared up and then you should thing of something new - i guess Ahsoka is good choice for later stages of the game - you will need bigger squad, trust me.
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