(DS) or general Geo TB feedback and other QOL suggestion

Hello dear CG team,

as you know DS Geo TB is at a circum guild strength possible to easily reach the 3-stars.

Maybe I got some points for an overall update/rework for DS Geo TB or in general for the Geo TB.

I would suggest to include more combat missions to test teams like Bounty Hunters or EP Team Lead with new units Starkiller.

The limited combat missions are limiting the joy of the DS Geo TB and limiting players to test a bit some units.
Maybe reduce the visible problem with space problems (icons for battles, deploy unnits, deploy platoons) in the TB section to make a sidebar which unfolds the option to battle, deploy units (and for platoons).
For better understand: You click on the field for P1, a bigger menü with all those TB related options to attend combat missions without limits or let's say 5 teams. Deploy units, platoons.

Usually a sandbox or better guild internal pvp live battle would be better to train and gain experience counter teams.

For the mainscreen I got the idea to implent some sort of sidebar with a known red notification. When you click on it, it unfolds a sidebar with all those events like GAC, TW, TB. This could reduce the space problem (that icons or active events disappear).
Thank you very much and keep going CG
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