Title Update - 03/30/2022

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today’s Title Update has been rolled out to all devices. Please head to your respective app store and download the latest version to get the changes below. This Update contains a number of quality of life changes for Grand Arena Championships and several bug fixes.

Keep reading for more details.

Sign Up and Lock at Any Time
Players can now re-lock their roster at any time during the Sign Up Phase to update their GAC squads with the latest upgrades and mods. No more waiting until the last minute to sign up and lock your best roster!

Edit Defenses Tool
Players can now set their Defenses at any time before the Setup Phase finishes. You can even set them before a Grand Arena begins. The squads you set in the Defense Tool are stored between events as well so you only have to set your Defenses once and then update them as you get new units and upgrade your characters. The tool will also update the number of zones you can set as you move between different Divisions and Leagues.

More Frequent Division Changes
Players will now have their Division updated after each Round of Grand Arena Championships instead of promotions or demotions occurring only at the end of each event. Skill Rating will continue to change after each Round. These changes will not affect the opponents that a player is facing in their current event or cause a player to change Leagues.

Omicron Indicator
Players can now see which characters have an Omicron indicated by a new badge on character portraits. Just like Zetas, you can now see this on many screens in the game. Omicron upgrades will now also be announced to Guild Chat. The Omicron will show up in battle when in the specific mode that it is active.

In addition to the Omicron and Zeta information, players can now see the Relic level of enemy units while in battle.

Ship Defense Expansion for Grand Arena
Kyber League will now require 1 additional Fleet on Defense for a total of 3 Fleet Defenses. Banner and point thresholds in Kyber will be adjusted to account for this change.

Enemy Fleet Preview
Just like the recent update to show enemy Squads on the squad setup screen, Fleet battles will now show a preview of the fleet you are facing. And just like the enemy squad preview, this will be visible in all pvp modes with fleet setup screens.

Scavenger Can Now Craft Gear
If you head over to the friendly but accident prone Jawa in the corner of the Cantina, you’ll find he’s now offering to craft gear for you. No more holding on to one character at G7 to craft specific gear to break down for Relics! It’s also handy to look at recipes and prepare for your next character unlock.

  • GENERAL - Fixing a rare issue where a player can focus a unit prior to the Journey Guide tutorial and causing the user to be blocked from progressing through the tutorial.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where the Galactic Challenge modifier Steadfast Retribution would sometimes only deal 1 damage back to attackers
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that caused a crash on Conquest Pass message page when clicking on the Conquest Pass icon
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue that caused the First Attack bonus in Grand Arena Championships to sometimes not be displayed if the game was terminated while in the middle of a Grand Arena battle. Note: Players were still awarded these points but it was not displayed on the after battle score screen.
  • GENERAL - The in battle target icon will show Relic, Zeta, and Omicron badges.
  • GENERAL - Selecting the Home button while in Fleet Arena redirects the player to Ships Home
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that cause Energy to be displayed on 2 lines instead of 1
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash if you enter a battle with only non-attackers
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that caused the Weekly Event Rewards popup screen to remain when you navigate to the Character screen
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue that caused the game to sometimes crash when viewing another player's Grand Arena rank level when player is unranked
  • EVENT - The opponents score on the "Grand Arena" panel of the "Arena Table" will now correctly update
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue that caused players to be sent a "You did not participate" Inbox message for Grand Arena Championships when they did participate
  • AUDIO - Fixed an issue that caused the audio from some podcast apps to stop when the game is active
  • UNIT - MG-100 size in reinforcement window is no longer super small.

General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
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