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Hello together,
I am a relative new player so sorry if ist's a dumb question.
I have a question concerning the weekly section of the shipments.
Depending on which conditions is the price of a shard bundle fixed?

I've read that easily farmable toons cost less.

But eg. Unmasked Kylo and old Kenobi are both farmable at lower tiers of cantina and light/dark mode, but Kenobi cost 250 crystals for 10 shards, Kylo 400 crystals.

Thanks in advance


  • Zumwan
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    Se here a list of accelerated characters (characters whose shards will cost half of what a non-accelerated character's shards will cost):
    However, both KRU and Old Ben are accelerated characters, so you shouldn't be seeing a different crystal cost per shard piece. Do you have a screenshot?
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  • I was wondering because of the Same issue with dark trooper. Since March it is accelerated but also costs 400 :|
  • Zumwan
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    Huh, I don't know the answer then, I'll let someone else chime in.
    BTW, most of the time it's considered a bad way to spend crystals in those character shards, you can generally get more shards by buying more energy refreshes and simming nodes for the characters you want. There are exceptions, of course, but I personally don't buy shards with crystals.
  • Yeah I see. Thx for the hint. ;)
    I mainly asked generally, just to get to know if it's a bug.
  • I think some truly "old" characters, like those from launch that show up in the G-War sims each day are cheaper than other Double Shard characters that came later like KRU
  • Hmm that's interesting actually, hadn't noticed it myself.

    But either way, DONT buy character shards from weekly shipments for anyone that is farmable, it's terrible value. Use your crystals to refresh energy and farm nodes.

    Only things that might be worth it are journey guide characters (guild ones) like General Kenobi or Wat that they occasionally sell for crystals in the shipments. These are not available to farm and only obtained through guild events, so could be worthwhile for you. GK probably not as he is easy to get, but Wat is challenging for some guilds.
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