Bug on TW: enemy fleet without capital ship freeze the game

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This happen to us entire guild, no one can attack this fleet.
The once difference between this fleet and another is this haven't Capital Ship.


We can show several videos:
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  • wildnz
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    This Has been mentioned on a few discord servers and unfortunately appears to happen when Holdo takes out the Capital ship and then you lose that battle. Really bad bug as will stop you going any further in TW.
  • We have the same issue in our guild, this might cost us the win.
  • Must be a new bug, as we had a few last TW where Holdo wounded an Exec fleet including taking out the cap ship and we were able to clear up no problem.
  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem in my guild, anyone can enter this battle and defeat the player, the TW is on our side but this error will prevent us from winning.

  • Legend91
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    So we had an invincible ship that could only be taken out by Thrawn ultimate.

    Now we have a leftover fleet that is straight up freezing your game when trying to enter the battle.

    I can't wait for the final form of TW fleet bugs - maybe a bugged fleet that is gonna force a hard reset on your phone when you try to start your game?
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  • We have the same issue. The game is broken. TW is freezing.
  • here with the same issue, this is gonna cost us the TW win.
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