Thoughts on current squad battle team

My current team consists of captain phasma as leader, Chewbacca, jedi consular, fives, and darth maul. Any suggestions for strategy and possible character replacements


  • What level are you? And what characters do you have unlocked?
  • Im player level 41
    Current team : jedi consular lv.41
    Darth maul lv. 40
    Captain phasma lv. 40
    Chewy lv. 40
    Fives lv. 38

    Unlocked: resistance trooper lv. 39
    Talia lv. 38
    Jawa lv. 36
    Biggs lv. 36
    Snow trooper (2 star) lv. 33
    Royal guard (2 star) lv. 32
    Clone sergeant lv. 32
    IG-86 lv. 25
    Ewok scout lv. 22
    Geonosian soildee lv. 10
    Jedi knight guard lv. 1
    Teebo lv. 1
    First order tie fighter lv. 1
  • I will put Talia instead of Chewy any day. You have 3 tanks and 2dps with 1 heal. You have to balance your team. All pretty good but chewy. Fives is so OP Phasma is pretty dem good and if you star up your JC he deals pretty big amount of damage. But i feel like your squad lacks a bot of dmg atm.If I were you i would work on Sid and Lumi to replace my Chewy and perhaps Fives.
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