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I've been on Tier 7 for... months. Actually, if you include the break I took from the game, years. I don't even like looking at my Ewoks anymore, literally. It sounds like this comes down to mods, so if someone can make some recommendations, it would be great. Not looking to spend another year farming Logray and/or Wicket to 7*. Maybe one day, but not for the last star to 3PO after all this time. I already have about as much speed as I can give them, though - not everyone is going to have 22 speed secondaries on countless mods. Getting those kinds of mods could also be another year, I'd think.

So, please help me see what I can do with this:

Maybe it's just adding a little speed here and there, changing health and protection modding, adding offense or CD / CC to Scout, I don't know. But I have seen so many threads of others being able to do it with this team when the mods are right, I figured I'd ask. Life has been energy-sucking enough lately, I have no more energy for researching and trying the event endlessly without being able to get a single toon out. Last ditch attempt here, because I've basically given up on the event.


  • You need to add a lot of speed. Some of your speed mods have no speed secondary at all, and some have only single figures.

    For some events, people will take their best / fastest mods from other characters and put them on their Ewoks to give them the best possible chance of completing it.

    That would be my recommendation for you.
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