C3PO 7 Star Unlock Help

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I'm trying to 7star this event without dropping a ridculous amount of carbantzis onto the Ewoks. Will Wicket or Paploo's zeta help. I'm just ready to be done with this event. Also, any tips on the battle itself would be appreciated.
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  • CCyrilS
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    Honestly, yours are better than mine were. Mods will help more than gear at this point.

    Don't feel too bad, it's a difficult event.
  • RTS
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    You either need Logray, or more gear.
  • CCyrilS
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    With paploo and wicket, it can be done without logray
  • Logray is incredibly helpful and makes things much easier, however I did it with g11 zChirpa, Wicket, Paploo, Elder, and Scout. It’s HEAVILY rng dependent though.
  • If I remember correctly, take Chewy down asap. Then r2 then Han. (Those two might be reversed.) Super fast mods help a lot. Keep Elder stealthed as much as possible.

    Tbh though I’m not exactly sure of the kill order anymore, but I remember it being fairly specific.
  • I finished it with a Wicket Zeta! It was Chewie, Han, Scout, Leia, R2, C3PO. At least 50 tries though. Thanks for the help
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