Kyber Combatant in Carbonite 4 GAC

Someone please explain how I have a player with the "Kyber Combatant" tag as my opponent in my GAC


  • This is their inventory btw. How would they have been Kyber?
  • MaruMaru
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    That's the kyber of old system. After you finish in kyber once, you can use that as a handle (was only avaliable from the old system I think).
  • Rath_Tarr
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    The tag is still available for ending a season in Kyber league but it was previously available to players at much lower GP level.s
  • GAC had a major change a few months ago. Now, it's a continuous thing. Before it used to reset each season (season is 12 matches). Also, it was based off of GP, but the better you did the harder opponents of your GP you'd get in the next bracket (bracket being 3 matches like now).

    So in the old system everybody started Carbonite at the start of the season and worked they're way up when they won or completed feats (see below).

    If you went 12/12 or 11/12 maybe even 10/12 and do a lot of the feats (yes there were feats in old GAC) you'd make Kyber and get the tag.
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