LS Geo Icon

As a gild leader it is very hard for me to get my guild go and join LS Geo.
My people forget as there is not only too much going on at the same time. Conquest, GAC, Events....

They miss an Icon which leads them directly to LS Geo Battles.

For GAC there is a link from Arena, one big Icon on the screen and one anyway has only to scroll a little bit to the left. Additional there are endless nerving reminders.

For Light Side Geonosis one has to go either by scrolling to the far left side or over the Raid button and from the Raids one has to get out first. If you touch the wrong link you are back again at the main window.... endless movements till you finally there.

When is CG going to finally fix this! Please!


  • StarSon
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    They have given no indication that they see it as an issue, so don't expect it to change ever.
  • If at the start of the phase you click notify under the commands tab (even if not assigning a command), it sends a link to the inbox
  • Yes, not having that icon there hurts participation in our guild as well. The GAC icon can be moved to last in the list. Or remove the Conquest Pass as we get plenty of reminders inside Conquest. No need for that to be up top for 2 weeks.

    I send out plenty of reminders, but having that icon front and center is the best reminder.
  • Indeed, but that's unlikely to be a priority - so second best has to be settled for
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