Curious as how to get ahead in GAC with this new match making

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Can someone please help me to understand how to advance in this new matchmaking system. I have a 1.07m gp roster that is focused towards getting SLKR, I was doing good at the start of my GAC career but now I only match against 3m+ opponents. How do I move forward in ranking? I’ve been stuck at carbonite IV for what seems like forever. If I try, I can sometimes still win like 1 match per week, if someone doesn’t attack but my opponents only seem to get stronger. I’d understand if I kept losing to opponents in comparable gp or what not but I have no chance in a straight on battle. This isn’t very fun anymore.
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  • The problem with fast tracking for a GL means that your roster isn't as competitive as it could be....right now.

    If for example you focused on picking up Revan, CLS and some super solid teams that don't have legendaries; you'd be more solid, and far more competitive in your current environment.

    I think if you're not already (and possibly you are for doing this route) you should watch ahnaldt101s 'f2p' account's GAC matches. As he took this route exactly. I think it'll help you immensely to look back on his past GACs and how he coped with GAC during the grind.

    I dunno, especially now that Arena isn't very important. I don't think I'd fast track a GL. However, once you get him.......... sing "I AM ONE RAD RANCOR AND HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!"

    As for the actual match ups, always try. Those that dropped, dropped for a reason. A lot will do one battle only for rewards. So..............maybe save a lot of your good stuff for offence to try and win 2 battles.

    But anyway, spend a few hours on youtube watching past Ahnaldt101s GAC videos and fast forward to his f2p account which will be at the end of the GAC part.
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