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What do I need to do?! I'm literally unable to get past even the third battle into it, and barely scraped by the first two. Got Tarkin, Ackbar, both at two stars for their respective Capital Ships, themselves being four stars. Got all my ships at two stars, too. And I can't put a dent in these **** things. Is this normal? Is it supposed to be harder than literally anything else in the game?


  • What ships are you using?

    If you are just starting out in fleet, you should focus on the following:
    - Tarkin capital ship Executrix - You will need this ship for the zeta material challenge at level 78, so keep working on it and getting more stars
    - Geonosian trio = Geo Soldier, Geo Spy & Sun Fac with their ships. You need to be spending all your GW tokens on buying the ships for Soldier & Spy, you can farm SF ship from the node and buy from the stores when it shows up, and then get the Geos on Cantina nodes
    - Vulture Droid - Need to farm this, recommend refreshing the node once per day so you can run the node 10x every day
    - 2 other Dark Side ships which options are: Imperial TIE Fighter, Hyena Bomber, TIE Silencer

    YOu need to focus on keeping the starting 3 ships at max level (the 3 Geos) and also their pilots at the highest gear you can. Pilot gear makes the biggest difference in the power of the ships.
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