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Howdy Holotable Heroes,

The 1-year mark for Commander Ahsoka Tano in Galactic Conquest is here! Much like Razor Crest, she will be moving out of the mode and relocated to a brand new game Event!

Where will she go?

Commander Ashoka Tano will be heading to a new Event called “Proving Grounds.” This Event will have a monthly cadence and will allow you to earn her shards for FREE, so long as you have the prerequisite to enter.

  • Must not already own the unit at 7*
  • Must not already own enough shards to 7* the unit
  • Once you obtain the unit at 7* or have enough shards to 7* the unit, they will no longer be accessible.
    This is not meant to be a source for Shard Shop Currency, this is an opportunity to get characters that were once exclusive to Conquest.
Will other Units be in Proving Grounds to farm?
Yes! Razor Crest will also be in Proving grounds and no we will not be removing it from Fleet Shipments.

How many Shards can I earn per event?
Players can earn 20 shards for the character or ship by beating the appropriate tier each time the event comes up. While the event is up they can spend crystals to refresh and clear it a limited amount of times.

Which units can I use in Proving Grounds?

The base requirement to participate for a Unit is Relic 3, but you will be able to use any unit you own that meets that requirement.

Will more units be added to Proving Grounds?

Yes! It is our intention to use Proving Grounds as a location for players to earn specific Units over time, but at the initial release Commander Ahsoka Tano and Razor Crest will be the two available Units.
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