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[ Developer Insights - Kit Reveal ]

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Fifth Brother is here to round out your Inquisitorius team! A powerful Inquisitor who isn’t a fan of Jedi comes to a Holotable near you, ready to Purge and apply devastating debuffs! In addition to that, he will also help your team out in Territory War with his Omicron ability, I Sense Those We Seek, which will slow down Jedi leader abilities who grant speed (minus Galactice Legends).

Fifth Brother’s abilities will look to stack Purge on the enemy, especially Jedi.

And if you thought Fifth Brother couldn’t be anymore annoying for Jedi and friends, his Unique ability, A New Target, and Leader ability, I Sense Those We Seek, look to punish Jedi Leaders who don’t fill out their team full of Jedi.

Below, we take a dive into the developers’ motivations and inspirations while creating the kit for this new character.

The Basics:
  • Major focus on inflicting punishment on Jedi led, non-Jedi characters
  • Emphasis on counter-attack within his kit as well as against opposing characters who do it
  • If enemy is debuffed, inflict Purge
  • Major focus on Inquisitors, slight buff to Empire allies
  • Grants Protection Up and dispels buffs to give support

Unique Attributes:
  • New debuff - Provoked. Provoked is a debuff version of Retribution. The debuffed unit gains +100%
  • Counter chance but they are severely punished for attacking out of turn.
  • Jedi led, non-Jedi characters who gain turn meter will be inflicted with Provoked
  • Additionally, with his Omicron in Territory Wars, whenever an enemy gains bonus Turn Meter, Inquisitorius allies gain 15% Turn Meter (limit once per turn).
  • While in Territory Wars: If the enemy Leader is a Jedi (excluding Galactic Legends), Jedi Leader abilities that grant bonus Speed to non-Jedi allies removes Speed

  • Fifth Brother worked alongside Seventh Sister in several episodes in the second season of Star Wars Rebels, and these abilities draw from those appearances
  • Fifth Brother tended to sit in the back, lightsaber unignited, and spring into action. This is why we chose to have his idle-pose in this manner. (That, and to give a more visual difference between all the Inquisitors)
  • The ability names "I Shall Go Alone”, “The Kill is Mine”, and “I Sense Those We Seek” are drawn directly from dialog in Star Wars Rebels, helping give inspiration to the functionality of those abilities.

Strategy Tips:

Use in full Inquisitorius team for max benefits
Counter Shaak-Ti mechanics


What is required for Fifth Brother’s Legacy Tier in his Marquee?

You will need Fifth Brother, Second Sister, Ninth Sister, Seventh Sister, and Eighth Brother all at 5* to play the Legacy tier. The reward is a title, portrait, and 5 (five) Omicron Materials

What else are Inquisitors going to be required for?

In the coming weeks and months, you will see Inquisitors gain a Player-side modifier in frequent Galactic Challenges, a new Assault Battle requiring Inquisitorius units, and Conquest feats directed towards Inquisitors.

What is needed to unlock the Grand Inquisitor?

You will need five Inquisitorius at Relic 5 (there are only five Inquisitors currently, so you will need all of them). The Grand Inquisitor event will only be active for a short period of time so if you miss the initial offering you will need to wait until it is active again to earn Grand Inquisitor.

Why is the Grand Inquisitor event called a “Legendary” when it doesn’t have the same requirements as previous Legendaries did?

As the game adds more units, more acceleration, and frankly just more of everything, we’ve had to re-evaluate the entry requirements. Grand Inquisitor with his Omicrons will be able to challenge Galactic Legends and so we want to make sure that power is earned in game through other strong characters.

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