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Darth Malgus, the scourge of The Old Republic, comes to the Holotables! To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Star Wars The Old Republic, we’ve collaborated with Bioware Austin to bring you this brand new Leader for the Sith Empire.

The Basics:
  • Sith Empire Leader who is a resilient tank with Sith and Sith Empire synergies and benefits from debuffs
  • Omicrons focus on Grand Arena where he will showcase his true potential
  • Introduces one new buff and debuff to the game
  • Earnable through Conquest

Unique Attributes:
  • New Debuff - Doubt: Can't gain bonus Turn Meter or buffs or recover Protection
  • New Buff - We Have Returned - +5% Critical Damage and Offense per stack (Only for Sith Empire allies)
  • Darth Malgus and his allies benefit from being debuffed
  • Has ability to challenge Galactic Legends in Grand Arena
  • Has strong synergy with Max Health
  • Punishes the enemy if they dispel Doubt by causing it to spread among their allies

  • We took a ton of inspiration from his role in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In that game he’s a major antagonist and we based his abilities off things he does in the game as well as the various cinematic depictions like Deceived.
  • Darth Malgus’ animations are patterned after the attacks we see him utilize in those cinematics. We leaned heavily on his imposing presence and raw physical strength.
  • Darth Malgus has always been aspirational and believes he should be ruling the Sith during the times of The Old Republic, and thus we felt him having a very strong leader ability was thematically appropriate.
Strategy Tips:
  • Mods: Defense + Health; Health + Health + Health
  • Darth Malgus synergizes best with other Sith characters, even more so if they’re part of the Sith Empire
  • Powerful Grand Arena Championship character
  • Doubt brings with it a slew of negative effects for its target while Darth Malgus is present especially while he’s in the leader slot. However, when dispelled, Malgus ensures Doubt will continue to wreak havoc on the enemy by causing it to spread to new targets, ensuring nobody faces him with confidence
  • If you’re subjected to Doubt it’s best to let it expire naturally, otherwise it will continue to spread among your allies

Where can I get Darth Malgus shards?
Darth Malgus is a Conquest exclusive

Will Darth Malgus take over as leader in other modes besides GAC?
He will be in his prime with his Omicrons while inside Grand Arena, but he is a capable and deadly leader outside of it as well

Will Darth Malgus teams challenge Galactic Legends?
With his Omicrons, while inside the Grand Arena mode, Darth Malgus is capable of challenging some Galactic Legend teams

If I defeat a character with Doubt, will it spread to others?
In this case it expires and is not dispelled, so it will not spread.

Who is Darth Malgus and where is he from?
Darth Malgus is an antagonist in Bioware’s Star Wars The Old Republic MMO. You can learn more about this amazing game that is celebrating its 10 year anniversary at
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