Darth Malgus

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Just want to hear everyone’s thoughts and theory-crafting with Malgus revealed. Initial thought for lineup is Malgus(L), DR, Malak, Bastilla Fallen, and Sith Marauder.
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  • I'm considering on using Talon instead of one member (probably Malak or Marauder)

    The boosts on her unique would be great!

    Also, why erasing Malak from equation? Well, you might want to solo something with him, so there is the option
  • SemiGod
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    Lord Vader, Malgus, Maul, Starkiller & Grand Inquisitor.

    Trust me, it’ll be a great squad.
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    Not sure if Marauder would be as good without ferocity from a DR lead. But Malgus working with sith in general opens up more options.
  • I plan on having Malgus and Malak on a team.
    Darth Revan as Leader, Malak, Talon, Malgus, Bastila Shan(Fallen).

    Assuming all abilities on every character is maxed
    - Everyone except Darth Talon has shock(Bastila does extra damage with her shock if enemy is shocked)
    - Revan in Leader + Bastila Synergy
    - Darth Talon's revive leader ability in case you do kill Revan
    - Malak and Talon get stronger as time goes on
    - If Talon gets damaged the tanks(Malak and Malgus Taunt)
    - Team gets stronger if debuffed
    - If Malgus taunts he gets critical avoidance + other things
    - Everyone except Talon has health steal

    - Sacrificing Sith Empire synergy with Revans Leader ability(only the 50% Crit Damage) as not all the characters will be Sith Empire(Darth Talon).
    However Talon's the only one who wont be buffed by Revan's Leader ability(the 5 speed & 5% crit chance with Ferocity stacks).

    This squad should make it nigh impossible to beat UNLESS there every character on the opposing team is outright stronger +better synergy OR the enemy team has a Galactic Legend.
  • LordDirt
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    I will be looking for the best Malgus lead. Will wait and see what people come up with.
    Forget the gear crunch, why can't we sim the Sith raid yet?
  • I’m interested to see what Malgus can do for SEE
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