Developer Insights: Invincible (Fan-made kit)

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Check out the full kit:

- The Invincible is a more Defensive Separatist Capital Ship as opposed to the Malevolence
- The Invincible is designed to deal with Stealthed targets and ships that specialise in Stealth (Eg. Han's Millennium Falcon, Razor Crest, etc.)

- This kit draws inspiration from its appearance in 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', Season 2, Episode 16: Cat and Mouse.
- The Ability 'Hyena Bombing Run' is based on the scene where Admiral Trench orders a bombing run on Senator Bail Organa's relief effort on the surface of Christophsis.
- The Ability 'Tracking Torpedoes' is based on the scene when Trench fires torpedoes on the Stealth Ship that Anakin is piloting due to its magnetic signature.
-The ability 'Thermal Shields' are a direct reference to the flagship's unique 'Thermal Shields', that can be recycled again and again to protect the Invincible from damage.
-'The Smell of Fear' is a direct reference to Trench's reputation of striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. Also borrowed from his quote: "I smell fear, and it smells good"
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