May 4th character trove

Hey there,

Just wanted to give you people feedback regarding the may 4th character trove. 330 shards for 5000 crystals feels great. It is a nice idea for may 4th and there are a lot of good characters in there. Out of all of them I maybe got 5. so I decided to invest the 5000 crystals. And boom, ofc I get one that I already had on 7 stars.

While I understand it’s a lottery I still feel it is a very bad experience and you should really rethink stuff like that in the future. The only thing you made me realize is that I will not spend any money for an event like this ever again.

A better approach would have been to give the player a choice which character they want. It would not impact the game at all but you would have created a very positive experience for all players.

The way you are currently taking is not fun.

Thanks for listening


  • Revanfan
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    Or maybe exclude those characters from the possible results that you already have at 7*.
  • zatho
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    Revanfan wrote: »

    Or maybe exclude those characters from the possible results that you already have at 7*.

    No gamble = no good and fair deal. We are still talking about Capital Greed
  • I think even from a standpoint of greed it would be a smarter approach to reward money spending over giving the user a bad feeling.

    If I spend 50$ and I get something I feel more compelled to spend 50$ the next time. I am sure there are gamblers out there, but since the trove is only purchasable once, there is no gambling beyond this one item. So I don’t see a benefit.

    Overall I am pretty sure giving away a character für 5k crystals is a better idea then what they are doing. Same system we had with the zeta mats. They removed the gamble and made it so everyone gets the same amount with every draw. It is overall the more rewarding experience.
  • crzydroid
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    Revanfan wrote: »

    Or maybe exclude those characters from the possible results that you already have at 7*.

    I'm not sure they'd go through the trouble to code this. As a pack, I think they'd rather make it buy the pack>get the thing, rather than go through every person's roster.

    At any rate, to the OP, I think if it let you pick, that would be the same thing as offering individual character packs of 330 shards for 5,000 crystals. That's less than $40. And while I get it's a limit of one deal, the Inquisitors are in there, and they're really trying to sell those right now. While I don't think $40 for a new character would be so bad, it's clearly not the economy they've established for this game.

    At the end of the day, something like this is going to remain a gamble. It's a fun thing for those who get lucky, but it's up to you to see how many of the characters you need vs. what you have, and figure out if the odds are worth it to you.
  • OP it could be worse... I was skeptical and saw many people in my guild have success with the packs so on my "baby" alt account I bought some crystals and opened it. Mind you this account is at 1.2ish Million and I don't have many characters fully unlocked in the bracket this pack drops. 330 Mando shards for a 6 star Mando leaving me with 248 extra. I chocked this up to bad RNG and switched to my main acct. "No way it would happen again" I had hoarded enough crystals and bought another pack. What are the odds I got 330 Mando shards again, but this time for an already 7 star.

    @TuskenMeathead You gotta do something about 6 and 7 star characters being exclued from the Starwars Day Pack. This is the absolute worst start to May 4th as brought to me by **** RNG. I've opened a ticket but don't expect to get anywhere...
  • Wed_Santa
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    "No way it would happen again"

    Well. There’s about a 1 in 28 chance that any initial roll will be duplicated and about a 1 in 784 chance that any specific character will roll 2 in succession- assuming they haven’t weighted any toons (which they say isn’t the case). Still a bummer but beware the gamblers’ fallacy. There’s always a way the house can do you over. Again and again and again.
  • I wouldn’t recommend that people drop money to get the crystals needed to buy this. That being said, if you have spare 5K crystals and you don’t have about half of the characters at 7* I’d recommend you go ahead and buy it
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