May the 4th News

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Happy almost May the 4th Holotable Heroes!

A glorious day and time in the Star Wars Universe as well as Galaxy of Heroes! (Which movie/show/book/comic/LEGO Sets/etc are you going to enjoy today!?)

Now let’s get down to business, starting with the FREE STUFF!

Here are the contents of the GRAND inbox message of free things!

New Portrait
New Title
Ship Building Materials
Relic Mats
Signal Data
Mod Slicers
Zeta Mats
Clone Wars Chewbacca (x3)
Moff Gideon (x5)
The Armorer (x5)
Dark Trooper (x5)
Hunter (x5)
Tech (x5)
Wrecker (x5)
Echo (x5)
Omega (x5)
Fennec Shand (x5)
Dash Rendar (x5)
Kyle Katarn (x5)
Mara Jade (x5)
Darth Talon (x5)
Iden Versio (x5)

Free 14-day Calendar
Focused on Capital Ships and Pilots
Gives Omicron on last day

2-Day Double Drop
Dates: 5/4 - 5/5
All modes

Inquisitor Marquee Events
Re-running from Second Sister, Ninth Sister, Seventh Sister, and Eighth Brother from 4/28 to 5/10
Extended Fifth Brother to end on 5/10


Character Trove Pack
Focused on newest Marquee releases from Cara Dune (2020) to Fifth Brother (2022)
Awards 330 shards for randomly selected character
Purchase limit 1

Ship Trove Pack
New pack, includes up to Outrider but excludes capital ships
Purchase limit 2
Awards 150 blueprints for a randomly selected ship

Crystal Promo
25% Bag of Crystals
25% Box of Crystals
25% Chest of Crystals

Galactic Relic Upgrade Bundle

Kyber Omega Materials Bundle

NEW May the 4th Gear Cargo I

NEW May the 4th Gear Completion

NEW May the 4th Gear Cargo II

NEW May the 4th Finishers

NEW Inquisitor Squad Bundle & Pack

Second Sister, Ninth Sister, Seventh Sister, Eighth Brother, Fifth Brother

NEW May the 4th Omicron Bundle

NEW Premium 14-Day Calendar
Focused on Inquisitors

Galactic Legend Chase Bundles
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