Developer help needed badly please

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We are not a new guild with a strong core. We are going to start all over but we all prefer if we can keep this guild.
I understand I need a developers help to remove our absentee leader (over 30 days) and yes he demoted or fired all the other officers before not leaving the guild and going dark. Some of us have been playing this game since “oh, before you were born” and have officer and I have years of leader experience
Our guild is called Vintage.
I’m Dr Always Revan


  • Iy4oy4s
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    It sucks, but I highly doubt you will get any help from CG. Only other route is to make a new guild and have everyone manually move over. Do it right after daily guild reset so you don’t lose any raid tickets.
  • DarjeloSalas
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    Someone offered to help you 12 days ago.

    Did you take them up on their offer?

    Someone offered to help you 12 days ago.

    Did you take them up on their offer?

    I never heard back from them. Their leader is almost 26 days inactive, not over 30
  • zatho
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    Even if you could get a lead (which seems not possible with another officer), you still have very few members. For healthy progress you need many Raid tickets, that means many members who earn them. This also means having more power for territory battles.

    So your best option is to find a partner for fusion. In that case you can also move into their guild and don't lose RAID SIM.
  • GeoRevan
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    I sent a reply but it apparently went to the wrong recipient. If the offer still stands we all agreed that the other guild which was offered would gladly be accepted. The only reason I reposted for help is because I mistakenly thought I had been blown off. That’s my misunderstanding and I apologize for it. We all have a few more people ready to come on board with our guild.
  • chpMINIsolo_77
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    The offer is still open, but I feel with the small numbers you have, you'd be better off merging with another guild instead of trying to fill 30+ spots
  • GeoRevan
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    No one wants to do the merger. Some of these guys are more stubborn than I ever thought possible. Two of my old officers are coming over and two better than decent members that have kept in touch. I’ve gathered 5 more; I just got used to these guys, and they are finally coming together with a little bit of a nudge. If the offer is available then I’ll say yes.
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  • You'd be better off taking the 11 (?) of you & looking for a new guild with room. There a lots of guilds in the recruiting section looking for that size of a group.
    Best of luck to you
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