Darth Revan losing to Darth Revan

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I can not figure out what I'm doing wrong!!!!! I'm going against DR teams exactly like mine except there weaker, my relics are between 5 and 7 while I'm fighting teams with 2 or no relic at all. And yet I'm get blown away every time! I tried switching to all speed mods for certain characters, iv tried ranking up those mods. I'm the exact same team but supior so how am I getting rocked?!?!


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    Speed, particular of Darth Revan and Bastila, determines a lot in these mirror matches. Relic levels don't account for nearly as much as you think. Strategy will also play a role.
  • DarjeloSalas
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    The best help people can give you is if they know exactly what you’re working with. Could you share your ally code / swgoh.gg profile if you have one?

    The way you described your mods has me suspicious that you need to further develop your understanding of the way mods work. Not all speed mods are equal, and I’m quite sure people could still have a faster Darth Revan than you without using any speed mods.
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    If the enemy Bastila Fallen goes before yours, it's often the death sentense in DR mirror. Reason is the passive debuff "Corrupted Battle Meditation". The character with the debuff can no longer debuff anyone anymore. Meaning if your own Bastila Fallen is slower and got the CBM, she is then basically useless.
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  • Speed is definitely your issue. I just looked over your account and I think it would be really helpful for you to do a little more research to understand how mods work. Darth Revan wants to be really fast and your DR is like 253 speed. A good way to help in the short term is to find a replacement for your Darth Revan's Arrow mod to have a primary stat of Speed. That will instantly had 30-32 speed to your DR which will help. DR in most cases wants to be 300+ speed.
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    @Milla2244 I’m going to be blunt here, but your mods are pretty terrible. Some don’t even have speed on them, which is going to hamper your teams’ ability to get a turn off before they’re defeated. Gear is one investment, but if you don’t invest in your mods properly you won’t win.
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    Speed is everything. In 99% of cases if a mod doesn't have speed, sell it.

    In mirror matches the higher speed team usually wins.
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    Milla2244 wrote: »
    My code is 199-198-842

    Sorry to join in on the bad news, but the biggest improvement you need to make for your whole-game experience is some serious homework on how mods work…


    For starters, speed mods award a bonus for using a set of 4. There is pretty much no benefit to using 6 speed mods. Using 4 speed and 2 health is pretty common on a character like Darth Revan.

    Some mod sets award a bonus for a set of 2, some for a set of 4. If your character is benefitting from complete sets the small square in the centre of the mod panel will glow orange. The first 5 characters of yours I looked at did not have this orange glow.

    Secondly - you need to understand what a good speed mod is. I attached a picture of your Darth Revan arrow mod, which has a secondary speed of 6, rather than a primary speed of 32. That’s 26 speed thrown away immediately. You have a couple of other mods on Darth Revan with very low speed secondary as well, with +15 being your highest. (For reference, my Darth Revan speeds are +20, +21, +22, +22, +24 and then +32 for the arrow)

    I won’t attach screenshots of your Darth Malak mods as they would carry an X-certificate rating! You have 6 speed mods on him but only 2 of them (arrow and triangle) have any speed stats at all. The square, diamond, circle and cross mods have no speed whatsoever and you’ve sliced them up to 6 dot. Those mods are pretty much useless, I’m afraid.

    Mods are a necessary evil in this game. Players that don’t immerse themselves in the way they work are doomed to fight with one hand tied behind their back and a plastic sword. For some battles this isn’t a big deal, as the enemy is controlled by an AI that can be outsmarted. For teams like Darth Revan, speed is king and you will lose if you are slower.

    This is as good a starting point as any.
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    All the above is sound but if you want a simple strategy - focus on getting secondary speed for DR (total of >140 additional speed would be a reasonable target) - and a couple of good primary sets (like offence and potency). Don’t worry too much about the rest of the team at first - you can work on them. Then make sure you use your speed to hit the enemy DR (or Padme etc - whoever is the leader) with insanity first thing. The fear debuff will give you space to carve out an advantage from there.
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    And don’t forget to use load outs to save different mod combos so you can try out changes without having to laboriously re-equip
  • Yea it seems the mod system is way more complex than I thought, I really thought was you get 6 speed mods and rank them up as hi as possible but clearly there's more to it than that. Thanks everyone I really appr
  • Sorry cut off I really appreciate it
  • Shmoopyz wrote: »
    Speed is everything. In 99% of cases if a mod doesn't have speed, sell it.

    In mirror matches the higher speed team usually wins.

    And people said JKR meta was bad. This one was horrible
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