Anyone consistently defeating GLs (Rey or LV) with Boba Fett Scion of Jango.

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If so care to share team comp, tips, mods, relics, etc…. Watched some videos but cannot consistently take down GLs in TW. Also curious what uses y’all have for him and Fennec outside TW and team comps used. Thanks for the help!
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    I find he’s trash. Stopped using him entirely. Would love those omicron back.
    Fennec for LV or imps/shaak is way safer.
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    Just cut your losses and set him on defense, might steal some good teams or get holds from people who underestimate him.

    IMHO he was oversold. He's good, but certainly not a GL killer unless you're a YTr who Relic the whole team to the R8, moves their best mods on the team, and then shows only his best battles over months to get clicks.
  • mesa176750
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    I've been able to consistently beat LV with SOJ, fennec, bam, ig-11, and kuiil. We also are using him to beat LV's when we can. In theory, him and full BH can also take down Rey, but you need all omicrons for sure.

    IMO he's not a great character, I'd invest 1 omicron into his lead to take down LV when you can in TW, but a few upper end guilds are starting to just keep LV for offense because SOJ can cheese it easily and place other GLs in their place.

    I also don't have a good use for my r7 SOJ in gac, I just throw him in with some squad as a random 5th.
  • The best team is the one listed earlier- SoJ, BAM. Fennec, IG-11, and Kuill. Both LV and Rey are walks in the park to beat and the other GLs (minus Kenobi) are doable provided you have at least equal relic levels

    Key things to remember are Fennec is your main damage dealer, SoJ's basic is your backup damage attack- it does more damage than either of his other moves, and finally modding BAM for survivability can make a huge difference especially if you're trying to go in with low relic levels, although if you're going in with a r3 Fennec you're not going to have an easy time

    Against LV you need to get the payout off quickly so you can ignore taunt and make Fennec do max damage. Use your AoEs to get there quickly and make sure to use BAM's damage immunity when needed to keep the team alive. Use Fennec's special when available on Lord Vader to get those armor shred stacks on there. Wear down the teammates killing Darth Vader ASAP if he's there. And remember when you use SoJ's first special it spreads tenacity up to the team which boosts Fennec's offense pretty heavily

    Against Rey target Rey herself. Once you get the payout off you can take her out pretty quickly with Fennec but remember of course Rey's usual mechanics. You need to make sure you can rattle off BAM's damage immunity once Rey goes into ultimate or when a whirlwind comes up
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