Feature request: A change of acronyms please

Hi CG,

I'm getting mightily confused with the acronyms for a few reasons.

Firstly, most of them are way too similar. We have GK to JMK to JML to JKL to JKR to JTR...............it's making my head simply spin.

Also there are the ones that people simply can't agree on. Is it BAM or BANDO? Is it ChewPO or 3Bacc?

Then there are the ones I simply don't know what they are. I know KRU is Kylo Ren without Underwear, but what is OGK??

Opulent Gorilla-suit Kylo?

So could we have them all changed to something easier and more along the lines of:

Hyoda...sorry Hoda changed to ITV - Italian Tailor Viv


JTR changed to DFS - Dave the Fish Shop-guy

And since we're getting these acronyms officially changed, a re-skin to fit the new acronyms would be marvelous!! I think an Italian Tailor Viv skin would fit much better and be less confusing!

Thanking you in advance,

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