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BSF shouldn’t be able to inflict CBM when CBM is on her, right?
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  • To clarify, the bottom picture came first
  • DMG_SW
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    If I'm reading the abilities correctly, CBM only prevents debuffs during an ability used by the enemy. Fear made Bastilla miss her turn, so no ability used, so at the end of her turn she then applied CBM to you (and could, since it wasn't applied during an ability).

    No idea if that is WAI, but that's all I can think of.
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    Close, but not entirely correct.
    CBM only prevents enemies from applying debuffs with abilities.
    CBM itself is applied via a unique. As such, CBM does not prevent CBM.

    Likewise if you attack a full Jawa team you would still suffer thermal detonators even with CBM up, as it is applied from a unique ability.
  • Winterwolves
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    Was never sure of what the condition was exactly, thanks!
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