How do you defeat a Droid team?



  • I've actually been getting some good use out of EK for droid teams. With him and Lumi you can basically lock down 88 and 86 for a turn, enough to pound Poggle or take out one of the droids. Then it's easy street.
  • based on luck: stun poggle, kill 88, kill 86/poe. works almost everytime for me
  • Eeth is horrible now, don't try that.

    Sid is a horrible arena char, you should bounce him for someone else. Lumi is a horrible char against droids because they do so much damage that heals are almost irrelevant. RG is not that good of a tank against droid teams. 86 (or GS if they are running poggle hybrid) can finish off your QGJ and not trigger RG's taunt. And once your QGJ dies with that team, it's game over.

    The team you don't want to face with droids is:
    QGJ (L)
  • I'm using the new META, Dooku (L), Lumi, GS, Phasma and Sid

    In my shard there's only one guy that uses a droid team but he switches to Poggle as lead from time to time, what i do is i stun (if lucky) 88 if it didn't land i use GS assist call on 88 (it will kill him but 90% of the time he'll be left with about 10% of it's health) then ability block 86 then the rest is easy.

    I hope the new update comes as early as expected, i'm sick of using the meta even though i want to use a variety it just couldn't keep up so i found myself using it too, quite tired of it honestly

    If that is the new meta then I need to be on that shard...

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    Droids are typically very easy as long as you have a team with burst damage. As others have said, 88 is no longer the largest threat anymore. Often I'll focus Poe first simply because I don't want to deal with his potential 20% expose especially with 88, than 86/GS than 88. With faster burst characters they don't pose a threat. My team is Dooku, Rey, GS, Han, and QGJ.
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    You need a little luck in the RNG department really. If you don't get 88 before he uses his AoE your entire team could wind up ability blocked.

    That happened to me today. The first match I lost in a while.
  • My team never meets a hard resistance from a droid team. Ranking at top 20 arena. I run:
    Dooku lead (opens with a lighting) to 88
    Daka, for stun/revive
    Kylo for retribution and annihilation below 50%
    Sid for dmg and aoe
    Assaj for cleaning taunt and power ups/also heavy aoe.
    Team power is 31560
    Watching u
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    GajoNikado wrote: »
    Deist wrote: »
    Eeth Koth is a great toon against droids if you have him
    How can he be a great toon against droids? With his speed, by the time he have his turn the whole droid team unloaded already and won te game! Is there something IDK?

    His stats say it all. Combine him with Upnaught and Ima Gun Di and droids can be beaten. Of course there are other ways and other squads
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    I use Poggle GS Ig-86 QGJ and 5* RG. I also used QGJ/Yoda team against them with same success. I go straight for Poe and kill him or at least dispel his taunt, then IG-88, 86 and GS. Lastly Poggle. Some droids have started using RG which is a bad idea for them, because Poe is much better. If you have 5* Rey, (i don't), then it's all over for droids. Daka works the same. Funny thing to me is Droid teams obliterate QGJ teams in offense. Pre-update and most certainly post.
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