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ok so this is gonna be a really weird request, I'm a 17 year old high school student who has played this game for nearly 4 years now. my final math project for the year is to find statistical data and interpret it so basically, roll a die see how many times it rolls x value in this many attempts then state the odds of that event happening. I made it a little bit harder and decided I would use the game I love for this project and do it with drop rates in the game. the issue is I don't know what the official drop rates are for any type of gear. character drops are 33% but I have no clue what gear is. for me to be able to use it I need to know what they are and at the minimum the drop rates for shockpods and g12 furnaces are since that is the only 2 pieces of gear I consistently farm. I can figure out my droprates percentage per sim but I can't find standerd deviation, z-scroes, or chance of a event happening with out this information which is half the grade so I need to know or I can't use galaxy of heroes as my final project
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