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Why are there no CAT shards available in the game right now?
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    Because cows aren't the only animal they can milk
  • Anyone have any answers?
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    Answer: they have been removed from the stores in anticipation of the Proving Grounds event. This event will let players who do not yet have CAT at 7 stars nor the shards to do so obtain them. You get 20 shards per event and I believe it is refreshable for crystals to a certain point to earn more.
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  • Thank you! Do you know that event will start?
  • It was anounced on April 21st if i aint wrong. There are 20 days without any way to obtain CAT shards, and still no news.
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    CAT shards in weekly shipments.
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    Mar_Domina wrote: »
    Anyone have any answers?


    Were the 5 other threads asking the same question not enough hints?
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