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Capital Games is thrilled to introduce a brand-new character to the Galaxy of Heroes Cantina and the Star Wars universe, 50R-T (pronounced “Sortie”)! A tactical droid with murky origins somewhere deep within the Old Republic, she was recovered for scrap on a battlefield but has been repurposed into a croupier droid. Her new owners have taken to adapting her tactical acumen to best suit a gaming environment.

The Basics:
  • Droid Leader who synergizes well with other non-Separatist droids
  • 50R-T brings the first Conquest Omicron to SWGoH - showcasing her ability to overcome difficult situations
  • Introduces three new buffs to the game: Spare Parts, VIP, and Instant Defeat Immunity
  • This Marquee character can be earned in the “Playing the Odds” event that opens this Thursday!
Unique Attributes:
  • New Buff: Spare Parts - +30% Critical Chance and +30% Offense; if this character is defeated, they are revived with at full Health, gain Foresight and Protection Up, and dispel this buff from all allies; this revive can't be prevented
  • New Buff: Instant Defeat Immunity - Can’t be instantly defeated, this buff can’t be copied, dispelled or prevented
  • 50R-T’s revives can’t be prevented, but will only occur once for each revive. This type of revive is very rare but powerful.
  • VIP - 50R-T chooses her weakest other ally as her VIP at the start of battle, providing Stealth, Offense Up, and some healing throughout the encounter. If all of her allies are Droids, she and her VIP are also immune to Turn Meter reduction.

  • We’ve been spending time with our friends at Star Wars™: The Old Republic! As we were working with them on bringing Darth Malgus into our game, we also started on the idea of creating a new droid after seeing one of their concepts for an upcoming character. The look of 50R-T was inspired by some of the humanoid chassis droids in the Old Republic, with a firm nod to the Gemini class.
  • We wanted a droid that would be a lifter to non-Separtist droids, giving characters like T3-M4, IG-88, and R2-D2 a new, powerful squad to be a part of.
  • We leaned into her tactical background as a rationale as to why she was so good at being a croupier droid. She is one part hostess, one part dealer, one part bodyguard, and the rest of the parts are security focused.
  • Being a croupier droid, it makes sense that she has access to the holographic cards used in Sabacc, and her adaptability allows her to turn those cards into potent weapons.
Strategy Tips:
  • Mods: Critical Chance and Health work well on 50R-T, though Critical Damage can really power up the damage output from Sabacc Shuffle
  • Use 50R-T with non-Separatist droids to get the most out of her kit; she works well with both Light and Dark side droids
  • Starting out with Sabacc Shuffle provides an early boost to non-Separatist droid’s Offense
  • Focus enemies that have Target Lock to provide a boost to 50R-T’s next ally to take a turn


Why introduce a brand new character?
We’ve had the core idea behind 50R-T for quite some time and have been looking for a way to introduce her to Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars as a whole. Many droids are not part of a dedicated team and have been looking for a leader to make them greater than the sum of their parts, and 50R-T fit that bill perfectly.

Why a Conquest Omicron?
We have been looking for a character to put a Conquest Omicron on since we launched the feature, but we wanted the right character and we wanted an Omicron that did something specific to help you earn better crates.

What does her Omicron do?
Similar to a Bounty Hunter’s contract, when 50R-T or one of her allies defeats the first enemy to take a turn, all of her allies are revived and can’t be damaged or defeated for 2 turns, making a three star victory all but guaranteed.

How do I get 50R-T?
You can unlock 50R-T in her new marquee event, “Playing the Odds”!
What droids does she synergize with the best?
50R-T synergizes well with non-Separatist droids like T3-M4, R2-D2, Threepio & Chewie, or IG-88.
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