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Once a player reaches max level (currently 60), all the xp seems to be wasted.

Why not let us convert the extra xp into credits or something like that. Maybe 100 credits for an xp point?

Or let people bank it and buy training Droids or something.

Doesn't have to be something huge, but it would be nice for it not to be completely wasted.

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  • Barrok
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    Banking it would rule
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    The only issue with banking it is when lvl cap gets raised to 70. Everyone would be 70 and then people would be complaining about being 70 in a day.

    While it would be nice to get SOMETHING at max lvl, I don't really think it's needed. I've played many mmos ( and still play swtor ), and only thing you get at max lvl is rested xp for a lvl and a half, which then people complain about getting to the new lvl cap fast. So I'm used to being max lvl with no gains.
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    More credits might be a cool idea. Sorta like WOW where you get more gold at max level in lieu of the experience.

    Or maybe a chance at an extra training droid drop or something.
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    I can't really speak for lower level toons, but I don't do the bounty Droid challenges these days. I have about 5 mill stashed so far, it does not seem to have allot of use at max level.
  • Song
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    Most mmorpg like WOW have level cap. Incase you know max Level is not end game. You still have tons of stuff to farm, max out gears, get to 7stars, unlocked new toons.
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    Yeah my plan is to just keep building niche squads that I've always wanted to try. It'll take a while though.
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    It should give us extra energy every time we meet the experience cap, just like leveling but not actually gaining any level
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    Like other arena game they should convert exp to War Tokens or even Cantina Tokens, otherwise there is no motivation to keep people playing after reach the cap.

    This sort of game is very repetitive so if there is no "next step" to motivate you, pretty much everyone will log in less frequently up to when there is no more reason to play.

    Provide a way to complete your deck of heroes is crucial to keep people playing
  • Preemo_Magin
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    >The only issue with banking it is when lvl cap gets raised to 70.

    You cannot bank 100%, only 20%. The rest is converes to credits.

    Ultimately, I am fine with the cap and no benefit. I have stopped using Crystals. I now farm more than I use every day after the Cap wall smashed me.

    The reason is there is no way for big spenders to now advantage me. Yes, they will soon crush me with a full FO team, etc. But not through 77 vs 63 level. This results in me being happy with 200 Crystals per day spent, and to miss playing completely from time to time.
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