Shard or shard not. There is no try.

Time to rethink strategy for the KAM mission:


What's the weirdest thing you've tried in the KAM mission that worked out?


  • CCyrilS
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    Great title for the parroty thread
  • Rath_Tarr
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    What made you think that leaving Shaak with her heal, cleanse and offense up buff on the bench was a good idea?
  • MasterSeedy
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    It's not my squad, @Rath_Tarr .

    It belongs to a 50ShardsOfKAM streamer named Stryder. We were joking about what to do when someone accidentally platoons Shaak Ti (which happens sometimes), and there are some obvious answers: BadBatch is not as reliable as Shaak+501st, but they still have a 50-80% win rate depending on gear and mods and assuming you have ALL BB including Omega at r5 minimum (you can't hit a 70% win rate until all are r7+). But many don't have BB either. Rex501st+BBEcho is another option, but if you don't have BB, you might not have pieces of BB. That's mainly for people who didn't bother with Omega. If you don't like that for whatever reason, BB(no Omega)+ARC can pull through.

    But of course Stryder was trying to make it difficult, and said that he wanted to try with Clone Sgt or Cody, then just Cody (since he's more fragile) and then Cody as lead (since he dies early and then you don't have access to SYG, which makes it the most challenging option).

    I'm not entirely sure Sarge wouldn't be more difficult if you used him as leader (even though he's better if you use Rex lead), since he lasts longer but at least with Cody you get some bonus defense during the fight, but that was the point of Stryder's choice: make it absolutely as difficult as possible given the toons that are even eligible, then see if it's possible.

    It was a complete lark. I started out as a discussion about how to help people who had accidentally scroo'd themselves and ended up as an attempt to do the (virtually) impossible, only kinda-sorta for research into how best to help those folks and mostly for a laugh. Since he has 7* KAM he could afford to do that.
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