CPIT defeated, now just need it on farm! 2 spots open for Droidikas! Competitive unallianced!

Droidikas - 260mil GP
Rare spots available!!

We are a competitive guild with an active discord community. 100% participation required. Looking for 2 with 5mil GP or higher and 1 GL on their roster. Looking to move with friend? Here is your chance!

Looking for 2 active players willing to grow with us and bring your experience to our table. Come make our guild your forever home! Ask yourself what you can bring, what you are looking for and come chat with us! We are not part of any alliance and chose not to be.

Currently we are focused on Dark side GEO TB (26 stars) , LS GEO (14 stars) and always looking to break our records! Wat shards (30+) and several KAM shards recently!

We are looking for those that will help us put the CPIT challenge on farm! Please verify you have teams to hit and cause some damage!
  • We run all Heroic raids several times weekly!
  • Regular Pit is simmed when we have enough tickets!
  • HAAT is simmed when we have enough tickets!
  • CPit is on process of being on farm!
  • HSTR starts at 7pm Eastern! (Gets destroyed in roughly 1 hour and will be put on sim when available)
  • All raids have a 24 hour join period and are free for all, you want to participate in the raids then set your alarms!
  • We are not part of any alliances!
  • We've completed both Hoth TB's so we will not revisit Hoth!
  • 60+ GL's!
  • We acknowledge our team members and their achievements!
  • Plenty of Bots on our discord for help and guidance

We offer squad and mod help from experienced veteran players at anytime for members. We have members from the US and Australia and can cope with different time zones.

What we are looking for:

TW/TB tacticians that will help us win more and earn more rewards!

What we are not looking for:
  • Players with low GP asking for KAM shards
  • Players with low GP asking for WAT shards
  • CPIT completion if they themselves do not have the team to get some damage
Please be realistic about your wants when applying.

Guild Requirements:
  • Maintain 500-600 tickets daily
  • Level 85 min. 5m GP ++++
  • 1 GL minimum
  • Must be active in all guild events-- TB (all phases), TW, and CPIT
  • Must be active in discord chat
  • 3 day absent rule (3th day boot)
  • Bring your game face and your fun attitude!
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or join our discord.


In game ally code for C Low One (Guild Leader)- 949433314
C Low One#8794 on Discord
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