Focus on FO or Ships?

Hi everyone!

I’m new to SWGOH this year did some research before starting and farmed Phoenix early I have nearly got all members up 7* and gear level 7, I have unlocked palpatine and thrawn and I’m slowly moving onto a FO team as I want to push for SLKR as my first GL. My question is should I be focusing more on genosian ships and bossk hounds tooth to try and get higher on the fleet arena when I finally hit level 60? I’m free to play and I’m hearing it’s a good way to earn crystals which will surely help me in the long run. If you can look at my profile and just point me in the right direction that would be great!


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    7 star-ing characters is very important. Having characters 'unlocked' isn't enough I'm afraid. So you'll have to 7 star phoenix to get thrawn and palp up and running.

    The SLKR route has been made very popular by Ahnaldt101. To be honest I'm not sure I'd recommend fast tracking a GL. It seems very difficult morale-wise.

    I think getting core legendary teams up and running first, then focusing on a GL. However, if you 7 star Palp and Thrawn; they're both requirements for Sith Eternal.

    Anyway, whatever you choose you'll need a 7 star Palp and I'm not sure how competitive you'll be in your fleet shard with a finalizer. I think being best in your fleet shard isn't your biggest priority. If it is, you'd have to fast track an executor or thrawn's ship and an interceptor maybe...
  • Hey, welcome to the game! There are a few good threads here in the New Player section with different farming guides you can follow, namely, the one I created but also the one by @OldBaldGuyGaming (who is doing SLKR as his first GL).

    My high level thoughts now for people just starting out:
    • SLKR as your first GL is what I would recommend, as CG keeps buffing both the FO squads and their fleet
    • Fleet focus has to be at the top, and I suggest getting the Geo fleet up and running as your first fleet. You'll need Geo Spy, Solider, Sun Fac, Vulture Droid and Hyena Bomber. Hounds Tooth will come eventually but ultimately won't be used in this fleet
    • You'll probably want to build a few core teams before pushing hard for SLKR, which include full Geos, Jedi under Bastilla, strong Vader and JKA
    • Don't underestimate how long it will take to farm the ships. Each ship is essentially a 6 month farm unless you can get them out of the GW or Fleet store, then it will speed up. For SLKR you will need the Finalizer, which means you need all the BH ships as well....start these early

    We have a great F2P community on discord over at Free To Play Nation, come check us out as we are always open to answer questions, and have some great YouTubers there as well
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