Raddus and Finalizer event requirement

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i am one of those guys who still do not have Raddus or Finalizer. Now im slowly trying to get them with the 2 new tank out (TIE echelon and MG-100 Star-fortress). I started farming TIE echelon and MG-100 to realise both of them are still not needed in the requirement of the Raddus and Finalizer.

So im stuck back to farming other less usefull ship like lando milenium falcon (not resistance) needed for Raddus or Ebon Hawk (not resistance) and drop rate is even rarer than omicron for some reason (not joking my luck with the drop is poor).

Im just asking if Tie Echelon and MG-100 Star fortress could be a different option to add to the requirement. Not changing the total number of ship required for the event but more like different option farmeble.

What do you guys think?


  • Ebon Hawk is a less useful ship? Mass dispel + chaff = very important ship.

    They set the requirements to force collection of different ships. Everyone up to now had to do it, why not the rest?

    I'd like to see the bonus level where you collect the remaining blueprints to get from unlock to 7* have all ship restrictions removed. Then you could try out your full first order options, or whatever you want. The farming requirements are already enforced for unlock, so why not?
  • i agree EH is usefull, just saying in my current roaster he is not in priority to farm and wont be for a while.
    In my line of thought i take different event like for Emperor palpatine where all the new rebel get added to the ''pool'' of character useble for the event threepio and chewie. Same with Chewbacca event, it can be done with the new BH aswell. They update certain event requirement. Other good exemple is Bad batch added for the KAM mission.

    Im was not asking for a complet makeover of farming pool requirement. Just asking to update and add more variety to the pool requirement. where i can choose the ship im going for.
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