ISB - La feccia di Mos Eisley

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ISB - La Feccia di Mos Eisley | 220M GP guild looking for new members

Guild Name: La feccia di Mos Eisley

Siamo una gilda attiva, prevalentemente italiana, di circa 45 giocatori/ 220M.
Siamo alla ricerca di nuovi giocatori.

About us
We are an active, Italian based guild of 220 mil. GP (45 members) looking for

Cosa offriamo \ What we offer
26* DS Geonosis TB |• 30 WAT SHARDS
11* LS Geonosis
14* Rise of Empire
Hpit and HAAT ( 2 / 3 times per week)•
HSITH (1 / 2 times per week)

All raids start after the reset time but we have a 24h join period in order to allow people
from different time zones to comfortably access the rewards.

Minimo 2M GP, partecipazione attiva a TW e TB
Utilizzo di Discord obbligatorio.
Gradito account

2M GP minimum, active participation in both TW and TB• account is a plus•
Discord is mandatory.
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