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I've experienced two unexplainable things that happened to me in TW and GAC, respectively. Figured I'd come here for any advice...

1) In GAC, I was playing Nute lead sep team with Wat and Asajj. Wat had countless bonus turns, almost 90 seconds of turn after turn. Am I missing something about the mechanics of Wat under Nute lead?

2) In TW, I was facing a Sith team with Vader lead where everyone was under 183 spd. I used a fully relicked Palp Emp/Sith team where my Vader is over 315. However, their g12 Bastila Fallen (at 183) went first, debuffed my whole team, and I got in maybe 3 hits whole game. How did Bastila go first? Is there another thing missing?

Thank you all for any feedback!
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    1) I seriously doubt that Wat took turns for 90 straight seconds. That said, he assists any time an ally with tech uses a special (and removes 15% TM). Nute and Asajj both have multiple specials. One of his techs grants TM to whoever he gives it to. The whole team will gain 15% speed for each enemy with extortion. Asajj will probably stun some people, causing them to miss turns. Asajj also can remove TM from you with one of her specials. I suspect you just got TM-trained, and Wat would have been assisting the whole time.

    2) A genius in your guild TM-loaded the team. Now you know why your guild leader has probably been yelling at people not to TM-load teams.
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    1) Nute lead gives his team 15% speed for each of your units with extortion. Your units with extortion have -30% speed. Wat assists allies with tech when they do a special, which removes 15% tm.

    2) Was the team preloaded?
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    To clarify for #2, when you fight a defending team and lose in TW or GAC that team retains its health, protection,.ability cooldown and turn meter states for the next battle. This is referred to as "TM loading" and it generally makes the follow-on battle harder in that most of the enemy team will move before you can, though that mat be offset by killing characters and in some cases putting key abilities on cooldown.
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    What was Wat doing with all of his turns? Did the team get dozens of HoTs or your team dozens of DoTs, or something else?
  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I've actually never experienced "TM loading" until now. I'll make sure to tell the guild to forfeit before losing.

    Unsure how, but I guess Nute and Asajj kept spamming their special abilities and Wat kept assisting. Over and over. Bonus turns forever. My first turn was not until 3:32 left in match.

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