Pride Month

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With June being Pride Month, what can happen to commemorate this?

If anyone has any queries, feel free to ask.

Pride Month 5 votes

Double farming for LGBTQ+ Star Wars Characters (eg. Juhani)
Shmoopyz 1 vote
Doctor Aphra (and her Droids) get added
NihionZombefyerStormnoxLordVader93 4 votes
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    There’s a holiday nearly everyday celebrating something… not every one of them needs an event.,
  • Nihion
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    Doctor Aphra (and her Droids) get added
    I don’t think it’ll happen, but Aphra and the droids would be a great addition! They could bring a little punch to the Scoundrel/Droid factions too, but regardless, it would be fun to play them. Speaking of, Krssantan? Sana? There are some cool characters from the comics to add, not to mention novels.
  • I'll boycott SWGOH for the month if they do something like this. I see no logic, reason, nor purpose in "celebrating" how certain people like to have sex.
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