Galactic War Opponents ?

I am very new and have a new account since not playing since 2017. I am level 49 around 100k power and consistently get very difficult matches in galactic war. I’m talking 15+ level differences and full purple gear levels. How is the game drawing this matchmaking and what do I need to do to be able to clear this ?
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  • If you’re patient, in a few weeks Galactic War will become trivial as your roster grows.

    In the meantime, try the following:
    - use different squads in the first few waves so you give them all Turn Meter so they are ready to start with a flourish next time you use them
    - If you can’t make headway against a particular opponent, try sending in a burner squad to make the enemy use their special abilities, giving you a better chance next time
    - Notice that the AI will operate exactly the same from one attempt to the next if you retreat and try the same team. Sometimes this can be used to your advantage.
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    I did a bit of GW about a year ago for the bounty hunter missions. And I have to say, it's a bit harder than when I had to do it as a newer player. A lot of newer characters are in it now; like GBA lead Geos.

    However, there comes a point where you break the back of it. I could simply put a goodish team in and play the matches on auto.

    The best teams are those that can heal themselves back up again. Back in the day for me it was phoenix, night sisters and then finishing off with bounty hunters. With the early battles, once you think you have the match won just basic to slow things up and heal up and remove the cool downs.

    Once you have a 'serious' team I think you'll blast it away. However, a GBA Geo team is never fun to face for newer players.

    '- use different squads in the first few waves so you give them all Turn Meter so they are ready to start with a flourish next time you use them'

    This is a nice tip!
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    Listen to @DarjeloSalas

    The only thing that I would tweak is that when you're pre-loading TM on a bunch of different teams in the first 4-5 nodes, remember to finish off with a bunch of basic attacks so as to have your special abilities available at the start of your next battle.

    There's also one thing to add: healers and especially Jedi can be very useful in Galactic War (or, as it is now officially named, Galactic Battles: War), and the best of these is Bastila Shan. She provides bonus protection at the beginning of every battle, and it doesn't matter if all of it was bashed through during the last battle, that bonus protection is refreshed again the moment you start a new battle.

    I wouldn't zeta her leadership ability anytime soon, but getting Bastila Shan and some of the easier to farm Jedi that the game feeds to you (Mace and Jedi Consular, etc.) together as a team with fresh bonus protection every battle can help a TON during the early days of GW, when you don't yet have many teams with any synergy at all, much less the kind of synergy you need to trash the hardest teams you can get when you're at level 84 and difficulty is essentially maxed out but you can't yet sim the thing.

    Bastila Shan is a toon you'll need eventually anyway, but having her early can make this one (very important!) daily chore can make early game play much more fun and satisfying.

    As a final note, we ALL went through a phase where GW was a complete painI can't remember when exactly it was at its worst for me, but probably when I was around level 78-80 since I was strong enough that the end-stage enemies had zetas, but I didn't qualify for any zetas myself. (And Bastila Shan didn't even exist in-game at that point!)

    Follow Darjelo's advice, grab Bastila Shan and take her leadership to level 6 or level 7, whatever you can afford, and use any Jedi you can find, and things will start to get easier. Then you'll hit that level 78-80 awkwardness, then you'll get your own zetas and it will get easier again, and not long after you'll be simming it.

    Don't get discouraged! It does get better!
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