Speed/Turn Meter Confusion with Executor mirrors

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I have 187 speed Razorcrest and 184 speed Xanadu Blood, my opponent has 188 speed Razorcrest and 186 speed Xanadu blood. Both our Executor is at 192 speed and Hound's Tooth is at 150 speed. Now, I am aware that Hound's Tooth has a 25% turn meter boost whenever another ally gets damaged. Razorcrest has a 25 speed boost when 6 Breaches are applied, giving the contract status effect.

My question is this: How in the world did the enemy Xanadu Blood which is at 186 speed went before my Razor Crest which is at 187 speed? How in the world does the opposing enemy XB get a turn meter boost to trigger contract after Razorcrest called it to assist. This happens 100% of the time, and it's unclear where in the kit it's coming from. There doesn't appear to be any turn meter reduction on my Razorcrest when it gets attacked, so how in the world does Razorcrest go after a ship that has slower speed than it? Also, the contract from Razorcrest for the enemy was only triggered after Xanadu Blood did its attacks, not before, which means it didn't benefit from the 25 speed bonus.

My only speculation is that Xanadu Blood gets some sort of turn meter when Razor Crest calls it to assist. Is it some sort of confusion or is it some sort of bug? And yes, I'm very certain that their XB is slower than my Razorcrest, yet went first without contract being triggered beforehand. How???

Please, anyone help explain to me what's going on...
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