Roster/Strategy help

Hi there, so I’ve been a player for awhile off and on I’m having some trouble deciding where to take my roster next. I feel like my toons are mostly all over the place. I’m also having trouble with GAC with my current roster as well. Any tips or help you guys can recommend? Here’s my swgoh profile if that helps. Thanks!


  • LordDirt
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    I would go for GAS if I was in your situation.
    Forget the gear crunch, why can't we sim the Sith raid yet?
  • DroidekaFan7567
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    edited May 30
    You should work on your mods, you have very low speed on important characters. Your darth revan for example is only on 206 speed, which is pretty slow. In terms of characters, I would suggest going for GAS as well
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