Guild Leader inactive

I am a member of a guild and our leader is inactive/offline for more that 70 days. The officer have left the guild so we have no chance to change anything for TW or raids etc.
I have opened several ticket on EA support but nobody could help me because I have chosen wrong category of ticket or EA ID was missing. Also phone call was not helpful.
Last feedback to one of my tickets was, I have to go to this forum and have to contact community manager CG_LucifersDaddy who doesn't exist, only @CG_LucifersDaddyMINI

can you promote me as guild leader?
guild name: Pangalaktische Donnergurgler
my player name @Fegmaldas (615-634-337)
Many thanks in advance :smile:

Player name: Fegmaldas (ally code 615-634-337)


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