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Hi, I am at 1 million Galactic Power and am progressing toward a CLS team, and I was wondering how high to upgrade them as well as how I should proceed with my account. My swgoh username is Conqueror of Grand Arena. Thanks!
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  • CLS team has no ceiling. It's extremely effective at the highest levels.

    You are in the 'the pendejos' guild, right? If so you do not have a account yet and we can't check you out.

    I doubt you have the optimum CLS team yet. That is CLS, Chewie, Han, 3po/chewie and 3po. Getting these 5 is your long term goal.

    I think getting these 5 to at least G12 before moving on is a good idea. The maximum I'd take them......... probably CLS and Chewie/3po to Relic 7, 3po to Relic 5 and Chewie and Han to Relic 8...........but that's end game stuff.

    As for any 'stand ins' right now; for example R2D2. Definitely stop at G12 max...........for now.
  • I'd say go as high as you're able up to R5-R6 if you can do that without crippling your other goals, whatever those might be. I agree with the above poster - CLS, Han, Chewie, 3P0, 3P0&Chewie is your ideal team comp.
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