JKR - LS Malak Event Question for my Kids

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Hi all,

It's been awhile since I've done my own personal JKR event, and now my kids' account are about to go into it. For LS Malak, I was hoping to learn from my mistakes. I personally regret putting the zetas on Mission and Zaalbar and I'd rather not waste precious zetas again - it feels like I can never catch up on zeta application.

For LS Malak I was hoping to relic up their JKR, Bastila, and Jolees for this and keep Zaal and Miss at the lowest possible gear to clear the minimum. Would the relics on the 3 Jedis carry this event or would it still be suboptimal? I know the event has gotten harder since CG "clarified" /s that the droids not respawning was always intended...
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  • Relics on any of the Jedi are completely unnecessary. G12 Jedi/lower gear Z/Mission should win. It’ll just take forever. I did it with full G12+Mission/JKR/Jolee zetas (only applied Mission’s for the event, had the others applied beforehand) and it took me sixteen hours over two days. Still got it though.
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