FOTP Omicron question

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FOTP Omicron question

In GAC I came up against a EP/Mara/SK team
Mara was running at 349 speed and SK had TMCY Omicron

I was running Hux/Sith Trooper/ FOTP Omicron

My Hux was running 300 speed

When the battle started Mara went first. I thought with the 100+ speed from the Omicron and Hux shutting down bonus TM I would go first. Does anyone know why this happened
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  • Was the Mara’s speed 349 before SK omicron or after? If it was before you have to add the 70 speed from SK meaning she was at 419 speed while your Hux was at 400.
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    Maras speed was 349 before Omicron. But I thought Hux lead shut down any bonus TM
  • OK thanks. Will remember that for next time
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