Is Iden Versio overpowered?

For the early game players at least I think she is overpowered. Just had a battle against a 4 star iden power around 10000 and her troopers at 5 stars and power slightly higher and my Jedi knight Revan team all 7 stars and power of all characters above 15k and it's not even a competition just wipes the floor with them in a few turns. Seems a bit unfair considering the effort required to get revan compared to iden. Thoughts?


  • Power level means very little in determining how a team performs against another.

    What’s your team comp?
  • mariogsh
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    Power means NOTHING

    It's all about gear levels and team composition
    Iden is powerful yeah, but she has counters, JKR is not one of them, however, I think you should be able to defeat her anyway, with the right team

    JKR means nothing if you tell me that you're putting him alongside jedi knight guardian and consular lol
  • Metasly
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    Boba is a better counter : with all their buffs his "Exectute" autokill and as it prevents revive Iden won't come back ;-)
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