Reasons to farm Inquisistors?

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Can someone tell me the reasons to farm Inquisistors? Overall, this faction is....completely trashed and cannot be used anywhere except Challenge, up to now. Useless in TW, GAC,,.... Then why should I waste my resources for such a trash faction. I'm ever thinking CG developers are running out of ideas and just release them to meet target deadline without even actually testing it. For now, I will say no to Inquisistor, skipping all challenges, even new characters having them as requirements. I will consider to gear them up unless I have no other characters to gear. Anyone agree with me?
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  • CT7099
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    Two words:
    Grand Inquisitor
  • herd_nerfer
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    Grand Inquisitor, new assault battle, conquest requirement, galactic challenges, bragging rights...

    We don't yet know what GI will look like - he's a legendary so he will likely have a huge impact on the faction. Hopefully he will bring them up a notch in viability. Aside from that, they're fun to play even though they're a little underwhelming at the moment.

    Additionally, who doesn't want an extra tool in the TW/GAC tool box?
  • Andyjd93
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    I wouldnt drop your current farm for them but I'd keep them on your radar. I usually wait until characters reach double drop before I start gearing them.
  • LordDirt
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    Always farm every character and every ship to 7*.
    Forget the gear crunch, why can't we sim the Sith raid yet?
  • LordDirt
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    Useless in TW, GAC,,....

    GI is made to counter some GLs in TW
    Forget the gear crunch, why can't we sim the Sith raid yet?
  • ChiNane
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    The problem I have with those guys is, they're not only trash in game, but also trash in canon, losing consistently against a bunch of ****.
    I can totally get farming stuff that is trash in either, but awesome (or let's settle for 'only mildly annoying', since Disney took over) in the other, but both?
  • ChiNane
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    Aside from that, they're fun to play even though they're a little underwhelming at the moment.

    Which part of the awful purge mechanics is fun to play for you?
  • I hear you about GI but how good does he need to be to suggest to anyone that gearing the Inquisitors over Bad Batch (to name only one) would be worth it? I dont feel like looking but I'd bet you can gear every other faction in the game with the gear required to gear up the Inquisitors to meet the reqs to get GI. Yeah maybe GI will wreck in TW but I doubt that team will be able to handle CLS or Sith Empire anywhere else and you could almost certainly have either of those teams fully geared instead. The rewards from their GCs will probably take 10 years to payoff the investment to gear them.

    Super late game, sure gear them. Anyone else, the cost/value is way too far off.
  • Second Sister for Interceptor at least.
  • Antario
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    Screerider wrote: »
    Second Sister for Interceptor at least.

    Don't think a relic-ed 2S can help Interceptor beating Executor. No need to get her to 7 stars for beating the rest.
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