[MEGATHREAD] Road Ahead: June 2022 - Datacrons


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    I'm trying real hard to not come off super negative but I also don't like the sound of this at all so approaching this at absolute face value if the intent is to empower older squads or other parts of your roster why does so much of this seem to just empower GLs? Also is this really it? No new game modes? No longer term characters to shoot for? This just seems like yet another layer of monetization over squads and with nowhere to use them just seems like a way to reduce crystal income in GAC by making people invest in this or lose ranks
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    I have a physics degree and you lost me at Zeta pin.
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    This is highly dissappointing. **** is this Road Ahead? Theres nothing to be hyped about, no big announcements that we already didnt know, and the focus solely on Datacons??? BORING.
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    I just don´t like it
  • Bearda
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    I haven't played with them yet obviously but I have to say I am far far from impressed. This is what we've been waiting for? Hard pass, I will I guess interact with them in whatever the minimal way possible is but my opinion of them is unchanged from the leak I am not excited for this even a little bit and they have nothing else for us...sigh.
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    As a fairly new player i dont mind the concept, will datacrons also affect ship stats in the future?
  • TVF
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    I hate it. Time to update my sig.
    I need a new message here. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
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    All I do in this game recently is try to increase my GP to 4 million so that I don't have a huge handicap. Using my very limited credits to level up the bottom if my roster and chuck garbage mods on them is not compelling gameplay.
    My only relic in the first two sets of factions is GK, with most of my limited relics being sith and geos. So my GAC opponents, who already have a huge GP advantage, will have another advantage.
    Fun times.
  • Stenun
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    I don't remember the last time CG announced anything new that was warmly embraced by this forum. Yet you all keep playing. I don't think CG listen to forum complaints anymore because you guys have all monaed about everything everytime for years.
    If you really want them to listen, it has to come from in game activities. Try and organise a boycot of the Datacrons if you like. See how far you get.
  • Konju
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    Please no. Just no.
  • Looooki
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    So this is what to expect when ur working on another game? Just more gated nonsense. Sure mods is the RNG. Let's add more RNG.
  • Shiryu
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    Ah yes. Let us ignore an entire half of the roster (Darkside) and buff / empower the current meta characters.

    Or let's just do a incredibly bad idea instead of investing time into: Fixing bugs, banning/catching cheaters, mod management, fleet management, more gamemodes, more raids / new levels of raids, improving old kits of characters with mini reworks, ect ect ect..... GEAR CRUNCH. You know... the thing you promised to fix a year ago.

    Datacrons are a joke. A massive joke. They are basically mandatory now for anything you do (especially TW and GAC) and cost a fortune to use/upgrade.

    CG... go outside and touch grass and maybe do some actual work on the game instead of implementing lazy cash grabs. Datacrons dont even have new exciting abilities, just conquest/galactic challenge modifiers
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    Just done reading this mess.
    I really hope every single bonus is fully F2P accessible. If you want to monetise it - do it on the level of percentages on some bonus stats. Rest needs to be fully accessible for everyone.
  • DMG_SW
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    Lol @ everyone saying this is too complicated. What is confusing about it? You get boosts. You can reroll the boosts. I'd hate to see your ACT scores if you're getting confused by the road ahead.
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    So far I'm not happy about it.

    It seems that from now on, every single battle will be random with different outcomes and strategies. There will be no more "consistent" ways to win, no primary strategy on using a specific team to beat another team.

    All the counters will be (close to) a gamble, you will never know if something that usually worked will keep working until doing it. And even if does, in a month or so you'll have no idea if it will work again.

    This is bad, for real.
  • LordDirt
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    edited June 2022
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
  • dhwo
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    Probably it’s time to quit this game so that CG can focus on LOTR and milk new players.
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    I feel like the post made it sound more complicated than this will be. Question about the datacron though, Can I use a datacron on a team that has some members at relic 5, some at relic 3 and will only the members at the different relic levels get the corresponding benefits? (I.e. Relic 3 gets the level 1-3 bonuses and Relic 5 gets the level 1-6 bonuses). Or must I have my entire team at the relic level higher in order to receive any form of bonus?


    p.s. I was hoping to hear about some more quality of life changes, maybe an increase to gear acquiring speed or ship squads, anything like that. Would love to have this passed to the team. Datacrons seem fun for the top level players but I only have a few characters at relic so this will have little to no effect on me.
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  • zatchy
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    Constructive concerns…lol.

    Here’s mine - how is this not just a cash grab? You’ve proven that you can make unused factions relevant with new character and omicrons, so why do we need this other than you want more money?
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    What a load of rubbish. Thanks for knowing your player base CG. All this time to wait for you to tell us 1 thing.

    Oh let’s pack it out with stuff you already told us. While your at it why don’t you tell us about the Jedi Knight Luke event.
  • Jesse36
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    Thumbs down. Finish phase 1 (and phase 2) of “state of the gearlaxy”
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    Absolutely tone deaf decision. You already have tons of problems why add something that nothing wants. You want to make more money? Keep people playing.
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    This is why Mobile Games are a joke - more ridiculous progression mechanics that are wasteful time sinks - why not actually work on creating fun gamemodes? Last good raid was 4 years ago. Who wants to waste their time just making new types of character upgrades instead of playing something actually fun
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    You're not going to believe this, but the people on the forums are being overwhelming negative about something
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    I have been playing this game for five years and never even registered on these forums. Never saw a need until now.

    How can this developer be so inconsistent and frankly pathetic at just fixing their game? This game has so many issues with it. Instead, CG chooses add other fluff in that absolutely nobody wants. This is embarrassing. I hope the day EA is sold, these developers are immediately removed from developing this game. How can you mess up this type of game with this IP?
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    This is horrendous. How about you fix the account deletion glitch or make HSTR simmable instead of adding this blatant fun-killing cash grab?
  • kello_511
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    It’s everything we ever asked for!
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