[MEGATHREAD] Road Ahead: June 2022 - Datacrons


  • This is highly dissappointing. **** is this Road Ahead? Theres nothing to be hyped about, no big announcements that we already didnt know, and the focus solely on Datacons??? BORING.
  • As a fairly new player i dont mind the concept, will datacrons also affect ship stats in the future?
  • Konju
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    Please no. Just no.
  • Just done reading this mess.
    I really hope every single bonus is fully F2P accessible. If you want to monetise it - do it on the level of percentages on some bonus stats. Rest needs to be fully accessible for everyone.
  • DMG_SW
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    Lol @ everyone saying this is too complicated. What is confusing about it? You get boosts. You can reroll the boosts. I'd hate to see your ACT scores if you're getting confused by the road ahead.
  • I feel like the post made it sound more complicated than this will be. Question about the datacron though, Can I use a datacron on a team that has some members at relic 5, some at relic 3 and will only the members at the different relic levels get the corresponding benefits? (I.e. Relic 3 gets the level 1-3 bonuses and Relic 5 gets the level 1-6 bonuses). Or must I have my entire team at the relic level higher in order to receive any form of bonus?


    p.s. I was hoping to hear about some more quality of life changes, maybe an increase to gear acquiring speed or ship squads, anything like that. Would love to have this passed to the team. Datacrons seem fun for the top level players but I only have a few characters at relic so this will have little to no effect on me.
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  • You're not going to believe this, but the people on the forums are being overwhelming negative about something
  • kello_511
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    It’s everything we ever asked for!
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