Title Update Roll Out: 06/13/2022

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We have begun rolling out a Title Update to Android and iOS devices. This will continue to roll out to all players over the next 24 hours and will require you to update from your app store at the end of this period.

This Title Update introduces a new feature, Datacrons! Datacrons are a unique way to upgrade your entire squad with special temporary bonuses in Grand Arena Championships and Territory Wars. Each Set of Datacrons focus on a number of factions or characters and brings those squads to the next level with powerful abilities and stat boosts. New Sets of Datacrons will roll out regularly, and during any given month, there will be up to three different Sets of Datacrons live, each with their own combination of perks.

See this post for more information

Visible During Rollout

You will start seeing Datacrons locked in Collection. You will not be able to access them until they unlock.

We have updated the Squad’s Tab in Character Collection to allow more squads to show up on certain aspect ratios.

There is a new look for Shipments and Mod Shipments now display a Mod’s stats without having to tap for more information.

NOTE: Fixed with Forced Rollout
  • GENERAL - Visual bug - Mod icons are not showing up in Mod Shipments
General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here

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