Non-Executor Bounty Hunter fleet for arena

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Hello, a few months ago I asked for some advice with my Geonosian fleet and reinforcements. My fleet and my fleet shard has changed quite a great deal since I made this post

I am still within the top 10 in my fleet shard, but multiple players now have negotiator and the top player has Executor. I am pursuing the executor as my galactic legend, my G12 geos can no longer compete with the other fleets so I have swapped them out with my Bounty hunters. I still have Tarkin's capital at 6 stars, but only two event completions needed for 7 stars.

I've been pursuing the Negotiator thanks to the dozens of free shards I had from other sources, but I'm gonna be about 2-3 weeks away from unlocking it at 5 stars, what is the best fleet arrangement I can make with my current resources?

Thank you have a great day

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